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GOLD Global Organisation Luxury Distribution is an icon of luxury products distributed to the markets of the whole world.

GOLD offers a flawless assistance and a operative customer service to the perfumeries. The key points of our business are:

  • the declared competence of the sales force
  • the goods shipment precision
  • a service of technical advice to the customers during the sale and post-sale phase
  • the selection of the best shops of the sector
  • a service of communications and updates dedicated to the customers about new trends and interesting fashion news for the perfumery field.

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High quality products, selective and extended distribution and well- balanced prices are the main ingredients of GOLD sales strategy, together with the best organization in the following fields:

    Direct contact with the client for the sale and post-sale phase assistance. Informative support for the product collections. Website restricted area dedicated to the customers for the communications of promotions, new initiatives and events.
    Sale force assistance in every phase of the sale activity, providing information and updates regarding the product collections as well as a problem solving support in the customers relationship.
    Specialized logistic in the perfumery field entirely dedicated to GOLD. Innovative packaging and shipment in order to offer to the client a guaranteed service of safe consignment.