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Enrico Coveri

Enrico Coveri perfumes contributed to the history of perfumery.
Strictly made in France, guarantee by “Made in France – Paris” label, they are dedicated to selective perfumery as they embody the idea of top quality, luxury, exclusive and contemporary fragrance.
ENRICO COVERI saw the world through the beauty of colors. His fashion line awakens the mind with the unique emotions that art evokes. His beautiful perception of the world was asking to be shared not only through fashion but also through the irresistible scents of life. Here are some of his most interesting fragrances:
COVERI La Rose – Eau de parfum. is an utterly fascinating fragrance, with its seducing and refined scents. La Rose was inspired by Enrico Coveri’s passion for pop art artists as Andy Wahrol. La Rose is dedicated to the art and design of the Sixties, mixing it with the delicate imaginary of the most iconic symbol for femininity: the Rose.
ENRICO COVERI Le Nouvel Homme – Eau de toilette. This is the latest fragrance for men by Enrico Coveri, and embodies male’s strength, the power of desire and the raw energy of a man’s courage.
COVERI Pour Elle – Eau de parfum stands for sensuality, elegance and lightness. This fragrance is precious and glamorous, with intense flowery accents. It is dedicated to a woman who is not afraid to trust her feminine power, and this luxurious and enthralling fragrance is her powerful ally of seduction. The bottle is sumptuous and voluptuous as well, with its glass-cut shape to emphasize its vivid pink color.
COVERI La Rose Blanche – Eau de parfum. A new Rose has just blossomed at Coveri. A white rose with the sweet fragrance will fill you with happiness. The most romantic and seductive flowery waltz!

Mariella Arduini

Mariella Arduini stands for feminine and simple charm. This perfume mixes flower and fruit accents with both soft and unexpected tones, giving birth to an innovative and seductive new fragrance.
Mariella Arduini, Italian fashion designer and Made in Italy ambassador with the brand Mariella Burani, comes back with her maiden name which is now the name of the brand, created thanks to the agreement with the Italian company Confezioni Pango. The new trademark brand is already distributed in more than 100 Italian shops.
Mariella Arduini style has versatility as its main feature, with a particular informal elegance, reflecting every woman’s need to feel sensual and feminine at any age and in any moment.

Gold Glow

Gold Glow offers an innovative range of products, featuring natural active ingredients and top cosmetic technologies.
Gold Glow products are dedicated to an active, dynamic woman, but who’s also demanding when it comes to beauty products, which need to be refined, sophisticated, and reasonably priced at the same time.
Gold Glow Beauty Masks, for example, are a beauty product conceived to be an essential partner in women’s everyday beauty routine.
Gold Glow Detox Mask is for the youngest skin, as it’s fresh and purifying and also prepares your face skin for a perfect summer tan in the fair season.
Gold Glow Collagen, on the other hand, is a relaxing and illuminating beauty treatment for any age, a real soothing caress to enlight the most delicate and sensitive skin.
Gold Glow is a brand by Gold S.a.s., distributor of innovative and high-quality cosmetic products at competitive prices, dedicated to beauty and wellness.

Elite Beauty

Elite Beauty is a unique and exclusive cosmetic line, inspired by Elite Fashion Brand, the historic model agency which created the iconic top-models.
Elite Beauty is a high quality made in Italy line with high-performance professional products, a comprehensive and innovative line in term of both the formulations and the packaging.
A full-fledged beauty-program, including fragrances for him and for her, designed to meet and satisfy every woman’s beauty-related desires.

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