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Nome prodotto: Firenze Primo Amore

Tipo di prodotto: eau de toilette


Firenze Primo Amore

eau de toilette pour femme

50 / 100 ml

Enrico Coveri presents Firenze Primo Amore, a fragrance dedicated to all the lovers, particularly to the ones that fell in love for the first time… a first time that has no age.
The Firenze Primo Amore’s soul is the Love. This fragrance lives the love through the young and fresh eyes of the first beats of the heart. Firenze Primo Amore is the first perfume dedicated to who is extremely young, but it’s also the chosen fragrance of who has always loved.
Firenze Primo Amore is a breeze of pure and fresh sweetness, symbols of the first love that is romantic, candid, absolute and never forgotten. The fragrance carry in its heart lily of the valley and jasmine notes, cinnamon and bergamot on its top and close its love story with the vanilla, amber and cider tones allowing a spicy impression.
Firenze Primo Amore is an exclusive news in the essence field; realized for a precise moment, it’s indeed a sweet and gentle gift to whom has taken our love.

Cinnamon peel

HEARTLily of the valley, Rose
Jasmine, Marine

BASEVanilla, Musk
Amber, Cedar